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Ever since I graduated from high school I've enjoyed watching films, especially foreign and "artsy" ones. As an undergraduate I joined the University of Rochester film club and went to most of the movies they showed, thus seeing about 3 films on the big screen per week. This was my main film education. After I graduated and got a job I saw films much less frequently, although I would still go out occasionally.

I had another dense session of filmgoing in the early years of this century (a rather grand title for 2000/2001/2002) when I organized a very informal film club for friends in the University of Cambridge Computer Lab. We would go out about once a week to see some foreign/artsy film (see my reviews of all the films I saw in 2001).

Since having my first child in 2003, though, I have seen very few movies on the big screen, like maybe one or two a year. But I am still interested in films, and when I have more time (when the kids are a bit bigger) I will start seeing films more regularly, and I will again haunt the local arts cinema.

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