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I've always wanted to go scuba diving. As a kid I was engrossed by the Jaques Cousteau specials, and I wanted to be there to discover it myself. Still, it took me a long time to get into it. I first got my PADI Open Water certification in 1988 or so, but then I didn't dive for the next 10 years. Mainly this was because I didn't have any friends who were into diving, and I wasn't sufficiently motivated to do it on my own.

In September 1998 my boyfriend (now husband) Simon and I were spending some time in Austrialia, and I proposed that we should take diving courses, where he'd get certified while I relearned everything. So we did, with Kelly Dive in Airlie Beach. Simon got his Open Water certification, and I got my Advanced Open Water. Then we spent a few days on a liveaboard on the Whitsunday Islands where we got to see lots of cool organisms.

Here are brief descriptions of the diving we (or I) have done since getting qualified.

Becasue of the trouble Simon has with his ears, it looks like he won't be doing much if any diving with me. But now that I've had a taste of the underwater, I find that it's addictive, and I won't give it up. So I will be doing diving on my own from now on (well, not on my own, but being teamed up with a random buddy by a dive leader just before the dive).

At present I'm still a fairly inexperienced scuba diver, having done only a bit over 50 dives. Until December 2003 I only owned the mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and dive watch that I bought in Australia. However, for Christmas 2003 Simon bought me a dive computer. Now I know just how much time I'm spending at which depth, and, more importantly, the max amount I should be spending at each depth before a decompression stop is advised. Knowing I'm keeping well within the limits makes me a much more confident diver. It's also cool to know the water temperature.

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